Hey Everyone! Meet The Beast!

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Well hello there readers, bloggers, friends, gamers, whoever you are..whatever you are, it’s wonderful to meet you and I thank you dearly for dropping in on my blog.

My name is Dean Marchese, otherwise known on the web as thebeastnj. I’m a 24 year old burly fellow from South Jersey with a gold controller for a heart and a hairy chest to cover it. My growing presence on the internet is a recent occurrence and it is with one goal in mind. That goal is to share my love for nerd culture of all varieties with all of you. I love video games to my core, I love comic books and comic book movies, I love technology, I love everything someone born in my generation has been bred to love and I do so with great pride.

I want to meet all of you, I want to talk to everyone, I want to have great experiences with you beautiful people that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to know.

So again, it is wonderful to meet you and I think we’ll be great friends. You’ll be hearing much much more from me soon, so much so that you will be sick to your stomach of “that one big hairy guy online”.

Come check out my other locations on the world wide web! I have a great YouTube channel ever revolving around video games which you can find by clicking right HERE!

I’d also like to invite you to come and join me on Twitter to share a laugh or seven! @thebeast_nj

If you fancy yourself a live streaming video game enthusiast…well then you can find me right HERE! on Twitch.

I’ll talk to you guys very soon!

– thebeastnj


About thebeastnj

Welcome! Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Dean Marchese (a.k.a. thebeastnj on gaming platforms and the internet) I'm a gamer, lover of movies and comics alike. I'm here to share my thoughts and feelings with all of you beautiful people, on topics revolving around all forms of geek culture and whatever else may tickle my fancy. If you like what you read on my blog, please come and check out my YouTube channel by clicking
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