Are Game Delays Truly A Bad Sign?

Greetings everybody, Watch Dogs has finally launched! As excited as a lot of us are about it, I just wanted to weigh in on my thoughts about game delays.

When a game you’ve set your sights on for years and are salivating at the mouth the closer the day comes to when you will be able to dig in and have some fun, nothing seems worse than browsing the internet only to find…that game has been delayed. The first thought that may come to our mind is “ohhh boy this game is in trouble, what are they doing over there?!” but is it time to concede to the prospect that game delays may be in everyone’s best interest?

Lately when you hear about game delays the first thing that comes to mind is Watch Dogs. That was a delay that was particularly hard hitting because it was supposed to be a next gen launch title. So all of us who decided to dive into next gen as early adopters may have been too blinded by the sting of the delay announcement to realize that sometimes these things are for the best.

I know it’s never fun to hear that we have to wait longer for something we’re excited about but, would we really want the developers to rush out a project sloppily simply because they said a date already? Needing more time doesn’t always necessarily mean that project is destined to flop. It may just mean that the developers know they have something special to offer the gamers and they want to see to it that we get the best experience they can offer us.

I’m all in favor of biting the bullet and exercise patience if it means in the end I’ll receive a better product and a more engaging experience. In the case of Watch Dogs, it is a shame to have lost all of the steam Ubisoft had built up after E3 last year but, now that we have the final product i’m confident that Watch Dogs will find its audience hyped up once again.

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