Indie Games Are Here To Stay

Lately a demographic of gamers seem to have taken issue with less triple A titles coming to consoles and the flood of indie titles “taking their place”. Specifically, a number of gamers are making their voices heard about their concerns of lack of triple A titles announced for the Playstation 4. While perusing message boards I’ve noticed a lot of comments slighting the plethora of Indie games making their way to consoles. But is this really something gamers should be considering a problem?

I think that more games of any shape or form coming to any platform is never a problem but a necessity in order to allow this industry that we love to continue to grow and flourish. I love a good triple A game to get my adrenaline going as much as the next person but, I find it relieving to know that upwards of $60 dollars is not always required to enjoy a good game.

Take Supergiant Games’ recently released Transistor for example, it costs $20 on PSN and Steam and is one of the most well crafted games I’ve played all year. It’s also relieving to know that an entire library of smaller yet excellent titles exist for us to dig into when there are a lack of blockbuster games available, for instance, the upcoming “summer drought”.

Gamers benefit more and more from the indie game scene as it continues to carve out a space for itself within the industry. Smaller developers can afford to release their games on big platforms now like the Xbox One and PS4, that means more games for us at cheaper prices and I fail to see how that is a problem for any gamer.

Indie games have proved that they’re here to stay and will continue to grow so, I think it’s time we all look at the hugely positive effects they’re having on the industry and stop worrying about when bigger more expensive titles will come our way.

Check out some of my thoughts and gameplay from Transistor!


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