The Geekiest Things In Disney World: Part 1

What’s up everybody!

If you SUBSCRIBE to me on YouTube you may be aware that I’ve been away on vacation in Disney World! I’m back in good old New Jersey now and i’ve brought back photos of all the best and geekiest things I found during my adventures in Disney World as well as Universal Studios. So without further ado, here’s part one!

What is it?!: A life sized Incredible Hulk statue, made entirely of LEGO pieces!
Where was it?!: I found this beauty standing proudly inside of the LEGO store in Downtown Disney and it’s easily one of my favorite superhero related items I found in Disney!

What is it?!: The Hogwarts Express
Where was it?!: This massive train found by walking through “King’s Cross” in Universal Studios transported us from “Diagon Alley” to “Hogsmead” in Islands of Adventure! Theres a really cool little show that takes place as you ride the train as well! IMG_0138 copy
IMG_0129 copy

What is it?!: R2D2 Mickey Ears! Dumb face provided by yours truly 😉
Where was it?!: I found these Mickey Ears with the Star Wars twist in the gift shop at the hotel I was staying at. However, you can find this wonderful dome display in any of the Disney Parks. I also came across Mickey ears incorporating C3P0, Spider-man, Iron-Man and many other favorites.

Speaking of R2D2…

What is it?!: A life sized R2D2 animatronic figure!
Where was it?!: R2 greets you with beeps and screeches as you walk through the line in the “Star Tours” ride which you can fly through in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What is it?!: Captain America ceramic bust!
Where was it?!: I found this awesome statue in a store called “D-Street” in Downtown Disney, there was lots of other cool superhero stuff in the store that i’ll be showing off in future parts of this blog!
IMG_0156 copy

What is it?!: Life sized Spider-Man and Batman statues!
Where was it?!: Once I stepped into Universal Studios it was difficult NOT to run into a life sized superhero statue. Seriously, just walk into a store in Universal studios and you’ll likely see a new hero standing in your path. These statues were breathtaking in person and the detail on them was a treat to see!

Make sure you come back and check out the future parts of this blog to see ALL the fun awesome geeky stuff I found in Disney World and Universal Studios! Thank you all so much for stopping by! Remember to subscribe to my blog here and subscribe to me on YouTube for all things Video Games!


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