The Geekiest Things In Disney World: Part 2 (Universal/Islands of Adventure)

If you SUBSCRIBE to me on YouTube you may be aware that I’ve been away on vacation in Disney World! I’m back in good old New Jersey now and i’ve brought back photos of all the best and geekiest things I found during my adventures in Disney World as well as Universal Studios. So without further ado, here’s part two!

What is it?!: Gringots!
Where was it?!: The wizarding bank is located in Diagon Alley in Universal Studios and is apparently also a ride, I didnt get to check that out because it was broken down :/. It sure looks badass though! IMG_0133



What is it?!: Walt Disney’s 2nd grade desk
Where was it?!: This is located in a tour dedicated to showing off Walt Disney’s humble beginnings all the way through his great successes. It’s his actual desk located in a display case in Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios). The tour is really amazing and I highly recommend stopping by. IMG_0230 copy



What is it?!: A lifesized Joker bust
Where was it?!: This awesome statue is located in an amazing comic book shop located in the center of Islands of Adventure, just outside the Spider-man ride! IMG_0124 copy


What is it?!: Avengers movie replica uniforms!

Where was it?!: The Captain America and Thor suits made me geek out the hardest of all, located in the same comic book shop that the Joker bust pictured above is located in, in Islands of Adventure.
IMG_0155 copyIMG_0153 copy


What is it?!: Gryffindor mascot!
Where was it?!: This was something to see in real life, located in the line for the Harry Potter ride in Hogsmead in Universal Studios. The ride is located inside the Hogwarts castle and has a ton of amazing Harry Potter stuff to see while you walk through. IMG_0145 copy


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