The Level Up Show: The Best Live Stream You’re Missing!

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Many gamers and gaming enthusiasts strive to be part of the gaming industry every day but few that I know work as hard as my friends at The Level Up Show.

The Level Up Show has been hard at work for some time now to keep their fans up to date on the latest news, games, and hot button issues within the gaming industry and they do a fantastic job at it. They’re also quite an entertaining bunch of awesome people who really know their stuff. If you’d like to find that out for yourself (and I strongly recommend that you do!) you can check out their live show they do every Sunday night @ 10pm EST over at their Twitch channel

The show is comprised of Andrew and Mike, the hosts of the fantastic program, as well as Kristen and Mark who both entertain their viewers in the chat every week. From time to time you can also catch yours truly live streaming games for your enjoyment! The Level Up Show also runs Direct streams talking about the week’s current events in the gaming industry during the week and you can catch that by subscribing to their Twitch Channel.

The Level Up Show also has a lot of wonderful game reviews you can check out if you’re wondering what games to pick up next! All games are reviewed by The Level Up Show members as well as friend and associate of the show Greg Virga, who has a wonderful objective look on the games he reviews. You can find that and more right HERE at The Level Up Shows website.


When The Level Up Show is not live on the air entertaining you fine gaming folks, they’re putting their creative efforts towards their YouTube channel ¬†which I help out with from time to time. However one particular video that I can not take credit for (and I wish I could!) is a tribute to PlayStation’s 20 years of service to us, the gamers. The video celebrates many of the wonderful games and experiences PlayStation as brought to us over the years, created and edited by The Level Up Show’s own Andrew Meduri.

The video is completely fantastic and I’ve watched it many many times, theres a chance you might catch it soon as it’s becoming quite the popular watch around the world wide web! But, if you haven’t seen it yet you’re truly missing out and well…why don’t you check it out for yourself below! When you’re done watching that hundreds of times as I have, you can go check out replays of The Level Up Show’s previous shows to see what you’ve been missing all this time!

Don’t forget to check out The Level Up Show every Sunday night at 10pm!


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