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Marvel Heroes Playthrough Ep.7: The Doc is Back!

Welcome readers to my weekly series, Let’s Play Marvel Heroes! Join me and Doctor Strange as I journey through the Marvel Universe, take down the bad guys, and slowly descend into madness! You can catch new Let’s Play Marvel Heroes … Continue reading

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Movie Review! The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  When Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 hit theaters in 2007, one of the biggest complaints viewers and critics alike shared was that the film was over saturated with villains. They attempted to juggle many plot threads and failed to execute … Continue reading

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Movie Review! Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to gain success and expand it’s architecture, Marvel Studios seems to be getting more comfortable taking risks. While Captain America himself isn’t such a big risk having proved his popularity in Marvel’s smash hit … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone! Meet The Beast!

Well hello there readers, bloggers, friends, gamers, whoever you are..whatever you are, it’s wonderful to meet you and I thank you dearly for dropping in on my blog. My name is Dean Marchese, otherwise known on the web as thebeastnj. … Continue reading

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