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Nintendo: Forgetting the Fans

It’s no secret that Nintendo had a abysmal showing at E3 this year. Fans, including your friendly neighborhood beast, were up in arms seemingly more than ever after Nintendo’s digital conference. This year even more than others Nintendo seemed to … Continue reading

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Extra Life 2014 Gaming Schedule!!

Here’s the schedule I’ll be going by for my charity marathon this weekend, check it out and I hope to hear from you guys this Saturday morning!

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Games Of the Generation: Best Platforming Game

This summer I’m taking a look back at the last generation of gaming, which has been arguably gaming’s best generation, and pulling out my favorite picks. This week were looking at my favorite platforming game of the last console generation! Make … Continue reading

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Is Nintendo Doomed?

Nintendo was once viewed as the Alpha and Omega of the video games industry. Now, it seems as though Microsoft and Sony’s more modern approaches to their platforms and Nintendo’s unwillingness to embrace the future have left the juggernaut company … Continue reading

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