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Is Nintendo Doomed?

Nintendo was once viewed as the Alpha and Omega of the video games industry. Now, it seems as though Microsoft and Sony’s more modern approaches to their platforms and Nintendo’s unwillingness to embrace the future have left the juggernaut company … Continue reading

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Are Game Delays Truly A Bad Sign?

Greetings everybody, Watch Dogs has finally launched! As excited as a lot of us are about it, I just wanted to weigh in on my thoughts about game delays.

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Indie Games Are Here To Stay

Lately a demographic of gamers seem to have taken issue with less triple A titles coming to consoles and the flood of indie titles “taking their place”. Specifically, a number of gamers are making their voices heard about their concerns … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone! Meet The Beast!

Well hello there readers, bloggers, friends, gamers, whoever you are..whatever you are, it’s wonderful to meet you and I thank you dearly for dropping in on my blog. My name is Dean Marchese, otherwise known on the web as thebeastnj. … Continue reading

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